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17 years ago, NJ Bergen County, family services came to my home.

If you have family services at your home, you’ve got problems. Probably much bigger than you realize. 

If you have family services at your home, you’ve got problems. Probably much bigger than you realize. Take it from someone who has been there. Learn about my three-year fight with the DCF that range from phony charges of neglect created to substantiate on record the way the Arlinda Mendoza of the DCF wanted to steer Judge Edward Torack to deny justice in my divorce case.

It began on January 4th, 2007. For whatever reason, the school nurse saw fit to send NJ Family services to our home. (Thank you nurse Bauerle) They go by several names. Division of Youth and Family Services. (DYFS), Department of Children and Families and as of this writing they were calling themselves Child Protection and Permanency (DCF). The work family has been removed from the name. Digest that for a moment as you tell yourself you will still have a family when they are done.

For me, I was cited with neglect from an incident dating January 4th, 2007. I was not until October of 2010 that I successfully had the finding changed to “Unfounded.” During that time, the division would parade the phony finding to the divorce judge making the claim that the father was cited for neglect. It was a phony charge so the could create a false record to justify their cause. What is their cause? Whatever they want it to be.

In my case their cause was to make sure that that I did not receive any fairness in my divorce case. It was so bad that they cited me for neglect because I was assaulted by my spouse where the children could see it. Ultimately, I had to get a restraining order. You can imagine how difficult it is for a male to get a restraining order against a female. I did and thankfully I received protection under the temporary restraining order. Through innocent conversations with Stanislaus AKA "Stanley" Zarczynski (may also use other alias names IE: Zarczynska Stanislaum) of the division, I told him of the incident and when I had court for my final restraining order. With DYFS at the helm, Judge Torack did issue the final restraining order but scratched through all the boiler plate text where remedy is granted to the plaintiff and gave it to the defendant. In short, he punished me as if I were the aggressor when in fact, I was victim to the aggression. What a sick group of people who would do something like this. And who do you think paid the highest price. If you guessed the children, you would be correct.

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Vintage Damaged By Dyfs phone message

Hear the now “Vintage” DamagedByDyfs answering machine recording. We are no longer using telephones but at the time we were. At that time, would hear from many callers with DYFS incidents. Unfortunately, at that time, I was in the middle of my own problems. I put up the site to help people but I could barely help myself. This went on for years.

Name Used

Years Used

State Board of Children’s Guardians

Established in 1899

State Board of Child Welfare


Bureau of Children’s Services


Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS)

1996 - 2012

Child Protection Services

Before 1996

Division of Child Protection and Permanency

2012 - Present

Calling those negatively affected by the DYFS.

If you had DYFS intervein with your family and you are now an adult. We would like to hear your story.

  • Were things you said as a child manipulated in the record to make one parent look bad?

  • Do you feel medication was used to silence you after DFS became involved.

  • Do you feel DYFS took other actions to manipulate official record to favor their “Champion” parent?

  • I’ve been asked, “Why don’t I want to know about anything good that DYFS has done

    Here’s my answer. First of all, any good stuff that they may have done is what they should do anyway. That’s why they exist. With that said, good stuff is arguable. For example, involved kids may never know what really took place and if the parent DYFS fought to bring down really deserved it or not. Furthermore, I did put up a survey many years ago and I found that the IP address on literally 100% of the positive survey’s tracked back to the State of New Jersey. In other words, DYFS even loaded up the survey with false results.