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Damaged By DYFS - Raising awareness to the fraud in the division of youth and family services (DYFS).

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DBD Hotline Call: (551) 751-3404‬(I want to hear about your DYFS experience. Did DYFS upset your home when you were child? I want to know about it.
Email:[email protected]

For those of you who had trouble following the email link.

I just found that the site got mildly hacked and someone put spam links in place of my email link. If it happens again I'll look into it.


Without going into too much detail, I just want to let you guys know that I'm a real person who had my life significantly rearranged by DYFS fraud. I never hurt my children and I see them regularly these days. I lost a lot of time that I should have had being the father I wanted to be if not for DYFS disruption.


           I appreciate the emails and phone messages you guys leave. I'm sorry that I haven't been getting back to them as of late. I have just been super busy and as much as

           I despise the rejects from DYFS I have to earn a living and spend time with my own family.


Here’s a little feedback to you all. During the time I was taking the survey of those who had DYFS involvement, every single one of the 30 plus respondents reported DYFS making things worse. There was one and only one respondent who reported DYFS made things better. I looked into that one and found it was a fraudulent respondent and that survey was completed by someone working for DYFS.


When you leave your messages, please let me know if you would be willing sign a petition or otherwise be associated with a complaint against DYFS. I promise I will never use your info unless I get the green light from you.


Very truy yours,

The DamagedOne





Looking back 10 years from DYFS involvement with my family.

Susan Slaff DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL - Will be remembered as: Just a fat slob. Nothing more, nothing less.

Stanley Zarczinsky - Will be remembered as: Being a a dishonest misrepresentor of fact who earned my trust only to sucker information from me and lie and sabotage about me later.

Judge Eward V. Torack - Will be remembered as: One who uses his thorough knowledge of the law to cheat people out of a fair trial. One who welcomes to the sidebar agenda of DYFS to predetermine the outcome of a case and run a shill hearing to book it as legitimate.

Together you hurt my children and set them in a life of poverty, drugs and neglect when they could have had a great upbringing with plenty of family resources, care and the steering to do great things.  

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